Born in Reading, Pennsylvania, 1960.

Lives and works in New York City.



BFA, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, 1990.



New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, 2014.

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, 2004.

Best Experimental Video, Digit Film Festival, Narrowsburg, New York, 2004.

New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, 2002.



2013     “Matt Marello,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.

2012     “Matt Marello”, Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY.

2010     "The Three Stooges," Bloomsbury Auctions, Pallazo Colonna, Rome, Italy.

2007    "The Artist Trilogy," Fringexhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.

2006    “1968/2001,” Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY.

2004    “The Three Stooges,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.

2002    “The Pollock Project,” ShoshanaWayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

             “The Pollock Project,” Pierogi, Brooklyn, NY.

2001     “The Artist Trilogy,” Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius, Lithuania.

             “The Fight,"  Bill Maynes Gallery, New York.

1999     “Sitcoms,” Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.

             “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.

             “Disasters,” Approdi Associazione Culturale, Rome, Italy.

1998     “Disasters,” Bill Maynes Gallery, New York

1997     “Coming Soon,” Icebox, Athens, Greece.

             “The Time Tunnel,” Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair, (Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome), The Gramercy Hotel, New York.

1996     “Coming Soon,” Tricia Collins Contemporary Art, New York.

1995     “Coming Soon,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.



2017      “Everything You’ve Ever Wanted,” Agency, Brooklyn, NY.

              “Best Kept Secret”, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA.

2016      “Squared“, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA.

              “Reality Is Wrong, Dreams Are For Real,” David & Schweitzer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

2015      “Image is Everything,” Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA.

              “Four Walls Slide and Film Club (Candy Sampler)”, Fisher Landau Center for Art, Long Island City, New York.

2014      “Beyond the Classical: Imagining the Ideal Across Time,” National Academy Museum, New York. Curated by Maurizio Pellegrin and Filippo Fassati.

              “Pierogi XX,” Pierogi, Brooklyn, New York.

2013      “Unhinged,” Pierogi, Brooklyn, New York.

              “Summer Show,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.

              “Why So Serious,” Weeknights, Brooklyn, NY.

2012      “Crazy Vibes,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy. Curated by Jonathan Turner.

2010      "In Between Weddings and a Funeral," Rawspace One, Montreal, Canada.

              "Matt Dive Gold," Smith and Hall Gallery, Sydney, Austalia. Curated by Jonathan Turner.

2009     "Matt Dive Gold," LipanjePuntin Contemporanea, Rome, Italy.

              "Manipulated Image," Sante Fe Complex, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Curated by Alysse Stepannian.

2008     "Artisti Solitari," Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy. Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.

              "OVS No. 7," CRG Gallery, New York. Curated by Peter Garfield.

             "The Program," Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas. Curated by Charles Dee Mitchel and Caroly Sortor.  Travels to the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and  Dallas Museum of Art.

             "Videos vs. Guns," Park Toppo Florio, Buttrio, Italy. Curated by Paulo Tuffolutti.

             "Film Noir," Chung King Road, Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Andrew Berardini.

             "12th Annual Arizona State University Art Museum Short Film and Video Festival," Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona. Curated by John Spiak.

2007    "A Principle of Immortality: Videos from 1970 to the Present," Macy Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York. Curated by Filippo Fossati.

             "Short Stories: Photographs 1890-2006," Macy Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York. Curated by Maurizio Pellegrin.

2006    “Blessed are the Merciful,” Feigen Contemporary, New York. Curated by Jerome Jacobs.

2005    "Star Star: Toward the Center of Attention," Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. Curated by Matt Distel.

2004    “Planet B," Palais Thurn & Taxi, Bregenz, Austria.

             “Plugged In: A Group Exhibition,” University Art Gallery, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana.

             “Portraits,” Esso Gallery, New York.

             “Armored,” Planet Thailand, Brooklyn, New York. Curated by René Allain.

             “Unspeakable,” Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium.

2003    “Up, An Evening of Films and Videos on Flying,” White Box, New York. Curated by Luca Buvoli.

             “One on One,” Pierogi, Brooklyn, New York.

             “Celebrate,” Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy. Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.

             “Real by Reel,” Wouter van Leeuwen Fine Art, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

             “init.two,” Visual Studies Workshop Gallery, Rochester, New York.

             “Influence, Anxiety and Gratitude,” List Visual Arts Center, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Curated by Bill Arning.

             “Vídeos de ocasión,” Fundació Antoni Tapies, Barcelona, Spain.

2002    “Sonic Circuits X International Festival of Electronic Music and Art”, Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN.

             “Wild Thing,” Clairefontaine Gallery, Luxemburg.

             “Bellevue Art Museum Film and Video Festival,” Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington.

             “cine y casi cine,” Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain.

             “Singing Pictures,” CrossSound Festival, Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska; Tribal Community House, Sitka, Alaska;  Saxman Tribal House,  Ketchikan, Alaska.

             "Singing Pictures," Chicago 21st Century Music Ensemble, St. James Chapel, Chicago, Illinois.

             "SORI 2002, 2nd Concert," Sori Contemporary Music Ensemble, Kumha Art Hall, Seoul, Korea.

             "Festival of New American Music," California State  University, Sacramento, California.

             “c’est pas du cinéma,” le fresnoy studio national, Lille, France.

             “Submerge,” Kunstbunker, Nuremberg, Germany.

             “Not Quite Myself Today,” Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona. Curated by John Spiak.

2001     “le numérique,” galerie de pret d’oevres d’art, Brussels, Belgium.

             “Welcome,” Palazzo dei Priori, Fermo, Italy. Curated by Francesca Pietracci.

             “Film Stills,” White Columns, New York. Curated by Lauren Ross.

             “réjouissez vous!” parvis centre d’art contemporain, Tarbes, France.

             “Another Cusp,” Colgate University, Hamilton, NY. Curated by Gregory Volk & Sabine Russ.

             “My Generation: 24 Hours of Video Art,” Atlantis Gallery, London, England.

             “Marginalia,” Millennium Film Center, New York. Curated by Marco Breuer.

             “Affinities Narratives,” &: gb agency, Paris, France.

             “Pictures, Patents, Monkeys, and More...On Collecting,” Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington. The John Michael Kohler Arts Center,  Sheboygan, Wisconsin; 
                 Akron Art Museum, Akron, OH; Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, MA;  Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Curated by Ingrid Schaffner.

              “Face Off,” Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels, Belgium.

              “Flesh and Blood,” De Witte Zaal, Gent, Belgium.

2000    “This is the Place,” Metro Arts, Salt Lake City, Utah.

              “Installation,” Carnegie Arts Center, Covington, Kentucky.

              “Past/Present,” PS 122 Gallery, New York. Curated by Gregory Volk.

              “The Meat Market,” (Pierogi Gallery), New York.

              “Haulin’ Ass,” Post Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

              “Multiple Sensations,” Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco CA.

              “New Videos: Claude Panier, Danielle Buetti, Cristoph Draeger, Matt Marello, Stepanek & Maslin” Damasquine Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

              “Fido,” Hunter College Times Square Gallery, NY. Curated by Omer Fast.

              “3 Cubed,” Artists Space, New York.

              “Identity and Persona,” Star 67, Brooklyn, New York.

              “Matteo Basile, Gianluca Cosci, Matt Marello: New Work,” Il Ponte, Rome, Italy.

              “The Old News,” PS 122 Gallery, New York. Curated by Sabine Russ and Gregory Volk.

1999      “Popcorn,” Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, California.

              “Cutting the Edge: New York,” California State University, Grand Central Art Center, Fullerton, California. Curated by Susan Joyce.

              “Shout Outs,” Rice University Art Gallery, Rice University, Houston, Texas. Curated by Kim Davenport.

              “Sit(Calm) and Watch,” Collective Unconscious, New York.

              “Short Stuff,” Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, California.

              “Sonopticon 99,” Action Space, Los Angeles.

              “Aion,” Museo Archiologico Nationale, Formia, Italy.

              “Attention Spam,” Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, California. Curated by Paul Zelevansky.

              “Trench Waveforms,” Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York. Curated by Norman Douglas.

1998      “Fin de Siecle: New York,” l’hôtel de la Duchesse Anne, Nantes, France. Curated by Tony Guerrero.

              “Personal Touch,” Art in General, New York.

              “,” Kulturgelande Nonntal, Salzburg, Austria.

              “Videorama,” Depot-Kunst und Diskussion, Vienna, Austria.

              “The Backroom Video Library,” David Zwirner Gallery, New York.

              “Santora International Short Film Festival,” Santora Arts Complex, Santa Ana, California. Curated by Bob Pesce.

              “Hybro Video,” Exit Art, New York.

              “Artenergie,” Palazzo Corsini, Florence, Italy.

              “Not Four Walls,” Creative Time at Brooklyn Anchorage, Brooklyn, New York.

             “The Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair,” (Damasquine Gallery, Brussels, Belgium), The Gramercy Hotel, New York.

             “More Elvis than Elvis,” Galapagos, Brooklyn, New York.

             “2nd Annual Short Film and Video Festival,” Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe Arizona. Curated by John Spiak.

             “Art Frankfurt 10,” (Spencer Brownstone Gallery), Frankfurt, Germany.

1997     “WhimSiecle,” Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Venice, Italy.

             “Legacy of Mistrust,” The Knitting Factory, New York.

             “Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair,” (Icebox, Athens), Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, California.

             “A Plurality of Styles,” The Knitting Factory, New York.

             “The Parasitic Art Trilogy (Part 3),” Four Walls, Brooklyn, New York.

1996     “Adicere Animos,” Scoula Elementari, Cesenatico, Italy. Curated by Alice Rubbini.

             “Inedito Aperto ‘96,” Latina Expo, Latina, Italy. Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.

             “Riparte ‘96,” (Galleria Il Ponte Contemporanea), Rome, Italy.

1995     “Transformers,” Palazzo dei Priori, Fermo, Italy. Curated by Francesca Pietracci.

             “Ipermedia,” Ronchini Arte, Terni, Italy.  Curated by Antonella Martino.

             “XVI Festival International de la Video et des Arts Electroniques,” Palazzo della Sorpracenerina, Locarno, Switzerland. Curated by Achille Bonito Oliva.

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             “Art Without Frontiers,” Larouche, Canada. Curated by Claude Simard.

             “Urban Analysis,” Barbara Bratton Gallery, New York.



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            New York University, MFA Summer Program, Venice Italy, 2007.

            Pratt University, New York, 2007.

            New York Studio Program, 2006.

            Indiana State University, 2005.

            New York Studio Program, 2004.

            Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, 2002.

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